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Are you trying to give a different look to your floor and create a nice looking environment in your living room? your bedroom? or your office? Flooring by Marcell provides the highest quality and the newest styles in hardwood floors such as solid wood, engineered wood and laminate around Marietta. Hardwood floors are durable and very easy to maintain.

Oil-based vs Waterborne
There are generally two types of polyurethane, waterborne and oil-based. The performance can be quite different between these two as is the application.

Oil-based Polyurethane
• Slower dry time (18-24 hrs before normal foot traffic)
• Ambers slightly with age
• Mineral spirits cleanup
• Thick, hard finish well-suited for heavy traffic areas
• High VOC content and strong odor
• $20-35 per gallon
• Industry standard is 3 coats of finish on floors

Oil-based polyurethane is still the industry standard for wood floor refinishing. While some of these may seem like negatives that is not necessarily the case. A slower drying time allows easier application and better leveling which provides an exceptionally smooth finish. The ambering of the finish adds a warmth to the wood and the thicker formula means less coats and more protection for your money.

Waterborne Polyurethane
• Dries quickly (5-7 hrs before normal foot traffic)
• Dries crystal clear with no noticeable color
• Water cleanup
• Thinner finish that is not quite as resilient as oil-based formulas
• Low VOC and minimal odor
• $40-70 per gallon
• Industry standard is 4 coats of finish on floors

Waterborne finishes are getting better and better every year, and for light woods like maple I prefer them because they give a flawlessly clear finish. The ease of water cleanup can’t be ignored either. Of course, the quicker drying time makes application less forgiving and it’s easy to get brush marks if you’re not careful.

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